Leading Things You Didn’t Start

A new book by Tyler ReganA new book by Tyler Regan was just released, Leading Things You Didn’t Start: Winning Big When You Inherit People, Places, and Possibilities. Tyler is the former president of Catalyst, and the founder and CEO of the Life-Giving Company and the author of The Life-Giving Leader.

An email about the release of the book lists five things to consider about the differences between leading something that you created versus leading something you didn’t start:

  • How long do I honor the past without being trapped by the past?
  • How do I get a team on board with my leadership even though they didn’t sign up for me?
  • How are we financially‚Ķreally?
  • What are your fears right now?
  • What are you confident in?

He adds, “My prayer is that this book will provide resources to GAIN influence early on instead of losing it because you handled it poorly.”

This book is for you if:

  • You are a leader stepping into leading something you didn’t start
  • A resource tool to send new people who will be leading a project in your organization that they didn’t start
  • College graduates who will someday lead a project
  • Are a pastor going to a new church or starting a new ministry

Leading Things You Didn’t Start is available through your local bookstore, Amazon, and other online stores.